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who am i ?


My name is Sarah Henderson. I have lived on Waiheke Island all my life and I had a very normal kiwi childhood. I spent all day every day at the beach 2 minutes from my house. I could run around the rocks with no shoes on and I knew all the places to hide. The neighbourhood children and my sister and I would ride our bikes up and down the road and around the block for hours, we would play ball games and cricket-like games in the middle of the road. I attended primary and secondary schools on Waiheke Island, and now attend University in Auckland city.

Lets see, at high school in my final year I studied English, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry. So naturally everybody thought I would go on to University and study sciences. For a while I thought I wanted to be a nuclear physicist. I was quite interested in computers and the Internet, but thought that doing a degree in computer science might be too technical, so I decided that I would like to be a Systems Analyst and enrolled in a BCom degree. Then I discovered that I liked programming quite a lot, and enrolled in a BSc in computer science degree as well.   I was invited to do honours and accepted.  After my honours was completed I decided to continue my research with a PhD.

The first computer my family had was a Commodore 64, and we had tons of games. I dabbled in a little BASIC programming and I think I was quite decent for a twelve year old. Later on we got a DOS/Windows machine, and I got my own Internet connection at the age of fifteen. I bought my own computer midway through my last year at high-school, and then another one in July a couple of years ago. That time I installed Linux as well as Windows 98. I currently have an awesome Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 2000 (pretty stable so far).

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usual list of interests

Well, actually with doing my PhD and lecturing at least 2 papers a year, I don't have much time for anything much. I do enjoy catching up with friends, catching a movie occasionally ...

Music: I like listening to music while I'm studying, and listen to a wide range. Some of my favourite artists are Clint Black, the Bee Gees, John Anderson, John Michael Montgomery, Lee Kernaghan, Shania Twain, Boyzone, Meatloaf and John Farnham but I will listen to almost anything.

Gardening, Craft, DIY I used to quite like gardening. I had two flower beds totalling about 20 metres square and small vege patch and experimented with seed raising. I do a bit of cross-stitching, although haven't for a while. I currently have about 2 years worth lined up waiting to do, when I get around to it. I would also like to try tapestry and candlewicking, if I ever get the time. I do a bit of Do-It-Yourself around the house. I built and varnished a low bench/table to hold my pot plants, a set of spice racks for the kitchen and a set of shelves for my bedroom out of timber and painted concrete blocks. My current project is to restore a rimu chest of drawers that I have had since I was a baby, which has more than 20 years worth of coats of paint on it. I started it before Christmas 1998, so I hope to have it done by Christmas this year (and I do mean 2003). It's just finding the time...

Reading: At this stage of my life, I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge (which is a good thing for a student) so I read as much non-fiction as I can get my hands on. A lot of what I read is related to computers, but not necessarily directly to my studies, but I also read books on almost anything that captures my imagination. I tried for a while to read through the Whitcoulls top 100 books of the century, but only got through about 25 before I gave up. I did quite enjoy Lord of the Rings and am really looking forward to the movie.

Language:  I have always wanted to learn spanish, but so far have never had the opportunitity or the time.   This year I intend to enrol in spanish courses in the second semester.

Snorkelling: Have been to the Goat Island/Leigh marine reserve a couple of times and am hoping to make it a semi-regular thing.  It takes me back to when I was a kiddie spending all my time at the beach or in the water.  

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