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Last updated 14 October 2003

odds & ends

PC Networking

The networking guide was born when I bought a new PC and decided to network it to the old one. I ran into a number of hitches, and couldn't find a decent tutorial to help me (most were written for multiple PCs). So I decided to write my own and there it is if you click the link above. I don't pretend to be an expert, so if you know more than me and spot any errors, I'd be glad to know about them. It is really designed for showing how to network 2 Win98 PCs together. It may be a bit dated, now, but I'll leave it here in case someone finds it useful.

Short Stories

The short stories are just an example of some of the things I wrote at high school. I won a couple of competitions and things, so I thought someone might like them.


The applets are just a couple I have written in my first few programming classes. I hope to add more, and will also add some from other people when I get a bit of time to do so.


The graphics section is just in an experimental stage as yet, but I thought it might be useful to some people anyway.

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