Copyright 2001 Sarah Henderson.
Last updated 14 October 2003

hauraki gulf photos

[ Looking forward on the ferry from Waiheke ]

This is the view you get from the ferry that leaves Waiheke more than a dozen times a day. This particular shot was taken at about 10am. The bay is called Matiatia bay and provides sheltered mooring and anchoring for many yachts.

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[ The view from my house ]

This is the view from the front of the house I used to live at, taken at about 8am on a hazy winter morning. Unfortunately, the photo does not do justice to the view - you'll just have to take my word for it.

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[ Church Bay estate, viewed from the water. ]

This is what you see to the right as you approach Waiheke from Auckland. The area is Church Bay and was once farmland but is now being subdivided for 'lifestyle blocks'.

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[ Looking back from the ferry leaving Waiheke ]

This picture is taken about 5 minutes out from Waiheke, looking straight back behind the ferry. Again, my camera (and my photography) does not do justice to the beauty of it.

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